Young Kiwis visit even younger Thai Kids

The Miss Universe New Zealand Finalists visited the Laguna Kindergarten and it was undoubtedly a highlight of their trip. Arriving at the Kindergarten aboard the traditional open resort bus from Cassia Phuket most of the children couldn’t contain their excitement. As soon as the girls entered the school there were hugs all round.

Miss Universe NZ works with the International Children’s Charity Variety and over the last few years has raised over $200,000 for disadvantaged Kiwi Kids, and so this Kindergarten is a project that is very close to their hearts.

The Kindergarten has been fully funded by the owners of the Laguna Resort since it began and it now looks after more than 180 children.

“I just can’t believe that it’s free for all the children, we don’t even have a pre-school like this back in New Zealand”, said Hanna Brown, one of the finalists, who back in NZ is a serving Police Officer. “It really does show that the owners of this resort actually are about their staff and the local community”.

The Young Kiwis then helped serve lunch and gave the children gifts. It was also Miss Universe NZ CEO, Nigel Godfrey’s birthday – and the children gave him an impromptu performance of ‘Happy Birthday’.

“I was really impressed, these kids are only around 3 and 4 years old and they sang Happy Birthday to me in English, I’m 55 today and if you asked me to sing a song in Thai I would struggle”. said Mr Godfrey. “What today has shown our finalists is just how lucky they are. They have traveled thousands of miles to stay in a luxury resort but a visit like this one today reminds them what is real, it brings them back down to earth and makes them realize that a smile and a hug has the same importance in any language”.