Young Kiwi Women experience a little bit of ‘Old’ Phuket.

All too often tourists visiting Phuket only see the inside of their resorts and the nightlife of Patong. However the Miss Universe New Zealand finalists really enjoyed their visit to the Old Town in Phuket.

“New Zealand is a very young country” said finalist Cassie Angus, “so to see a street where all of the buildings are well over 100 years old isn’t something we see everyday back home. The architecture is beautiful and I really love the colours and particularly the rickety old shutters on the windows”.

Of course in the Old Town there are some very NEW Artworks and the girls are never shy of taking a selfie or posing for a shot, but they also love meeting the locals and are always ready to pose for a selfie with anyone who asks.

The Old Town has one element that had universal appeal to all the girls … ‘Shopping’ and many were hoping they could return on the weekend when the market comes to the town.
However one hit, was a young street vendor who was making personalised cork Bags and Wallets. First one contestant stopped, then another and then 2 more.

“By the time we were finished, I think she’d sold enough to become one of our sponsors”, said contestant Charissa Rehu.

All too quickly it was time to jump back on the bus and return to the Cassia Phuket, but not before finalist Diamond Langi spied a photo opportunity with some young fans. An enormous group of children were heading home from school and they suggested she should hop on their bus.

“We wouldn’t get away with a bus like that back in New Zealand, we have really strict health and safety rules”, said Diamond, “but I have to say that with the heat you experience here in Thailand I just love the fact that there are no windows – Now that’s what I call REAL ‘air conditioning’