New Zealand Beauties

New Zealand Beauties find Cassia Beach 100% Pure

In a world where everyday another headline breaks on pollution in our Oceans and Waterways it’s great to be able to report a ‘good news’ story.

The Miss Universe New Zealand contestants have been staying at Cassia Phuket where they have been filming the swimwear part of the competition. Five of the finalists headed to the beach and had a great time playing on the sand and in the surf.

“You hear so many stories about pollution throughout Asia, so it was just fantastic to see how pristine and clear the ocean is here”, said contestant Ami Grillhard, “The Beach itself is also incredibly clean with virtually no litter”.

One thing that has really impressed Miss Universe NZ CEO Nigel Godfrey are the lengths that the resort go to reduce their ‘footprint’. “I have been really impressed that here at Cassia they don’t continue to use the ‘throwaway’ toiletries in the rooms and that things like the complimentary water in the rooms is delivered in glass bottles and not plastic. Being environmentally aware is something we all need to focus on and coming to a resort where the owners take their responsibility seriously is really refreshing. Although I’d like to see the local convenience store stop individually wrapping their bananas is plastic. God gave the banana a perfect wrapper!” Mr Godfrey said with a smile