Are they Beayty Queens or Masterchef Contestants ?

The day after the Miss Universe New Zealand Contestants arrived at Cassia Phuket All of the finalists headed for lunch at the Seedlings Restaurant. However this lunch had an interesting twist, the contestants had to prepare their first course.

The young ladies were divided into 3 groups and given the recipe and a quick demonstration by the chefs and then ‘battle commenced’. Although not part of the Miss Universe NZ competition the rivalry was fierce. But it seemed that perhaps some of the girls got a little bit confused over how much chilli paste to add in.

Contestant Lydia Smit thought that 3 spoonfuls of Chilli Paste seemed like a ‘good’ measure, “although I have to say when we got to taste our final dish I think that perhaps our salad could have been called … ON FIRE” she said.

The name ‘Seedlings’ comes from the fact the Resort owners embrace and involve the local community giving jobs and opportunity to disadvantaged youth in the local community. This is something that really struck a chord with the young woman, many of whom have experienced their own challenges in their home country of New Zealand.

“To see a Resort Owner take such a pro-active and positive community-based stance, in a world where the bottom line is increasingly ‘all about profit’ is both a rare and refreshing surprise”, said Nigel Godfrey the Miss universe NZ CEO, “It makes our stay at Cassia feel even more worthwhile.